Inspiring people with HIV to live well!

With the help of amazing staff, dedicated volunteers and exceptional donors, Our House provides healthcare, housing, and other vital services to people in need in our community living with HIV.

Our House has been part of the Portland community since 1988. Our services have expanded but our commitment to people living with HIV has remained the same. HIV is a complex and challenging disease that can often be overwhelming. The Our House team of expert clinicians works with people with HIV who are having difficulty managing independent living. They tailor services for each individual that defines what “living well” means to them.


Over the years we have expanded services that now range from regular in-home visits by clinical staff to 24-hour residential skilled nursing services. As the health of a resident or client improves or declines, we are able to continue to provide services within our continuum of care.

Our House tailors services for each resident and client that defines

what “living well” means to them.


Our services are provided through the following programs and facilities:


Our House is a specialized residential care facility that provides services for people with HIV. Residents work with skilled professionals in nursing, social work, and occupational therapy.  


Located in Milwaukie, Oregon, Esther’s Pantry is a food pantry that serves over 225 clients per month. The food pantry also provides personal care items for its clients. It is named in memory of Chester “Esther” Brinker, one of the first people in Portland to die of complications from AIDS.  


Tod’s Corner provides clothing and household goods to people living with HIV. It is named in memory of Tod Hutchins, whose clothing “estate” began the Corner.  


Each year both Tod’s Corner and Esther’s Pantry help service more than 650 clients with clothing, household goods and supplemental food. 


NHCP provides housing and in-home services including nursing, social work, and everyday therapeutic activities to people living with HIV. The program encourages independent living in a safe, stable, and healthy environment.